Who is Muoy Chorm?

Muoy Chorm is a self-taught Cambodian fashion designer. Born in the floating village of Kampong Khleang in Siem Reap Province (Cambodia), he is the youngest of seven children.  Muoy became a fisherman at the age of six, but in his teenage years he had the opportunity to study in Siem Reap. Very quickly, Muoy missed the lake and his family. He stopped school and came back to the his hometown to become a farmer during the dry season and a boat driver during the monsoon.  Throughout his teenage years, Muoy had been designing his own clothes with local tailors in his village. In his early twenties, he once again moved to Siem Reap to study English and was noticed by a Siem Reap based designer. For 3 years Muoy worked with the designer who exposed him to the secrets of textures and international influences.


What is his inspiration?

Muoy Chorm’s own style can be defined as being organic. As he was born in the nature, he proudly feels very close to it. From the nature, he gets his endless inspiration. If his favourite colour is the blue of the Cambodian flag, it is also for him a reminder of his early farming days and the time he spent on the Tonle Sap lake, letting his mind travel. His permanent quest is combination of comfort, colours and creative instincts to instill more freedom of movement and self-expression in the men and women fashion. The young fashion designer is also strongly influenced by iconic historical periods, particularly the “Roaring Twenties”. Famous designers, such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Alexander Mac Queen, also influence his mood, designs and creations.

A new dream…

He decided to create his own brand and opened his very first shop in Siem Reap in April 2016. In September 2016, Muoy Chorm, being only 26 years-old, represented Cambodia, amongst 5 other fashion designers coming from ASEAN countries, at the ASEAN Pop Culture International Event which took place in Chiang Mai (Thailand) where he presented his, now, iconic and yet awarded, fishing-net inspired dress. If being Khmer is obviously in roots, just as being authentic, the world also provides him unlimited creativity and allows him to pick up ideas from the most unexpected places. He regularly presents his latest collections during several Cambodian and Asian fashion shows and, nationally and internationally, displayed by regular photo shoots either realized for his own branding or on behalf of various events. His fast growing talent has been revealed by diverse international press articles, interviews and invitations to major Fashion Weeks, such San Francisco, and the prestigious Paris Fashion week which underline his strong dedication to a very high art of living, a rich creativity and the deliberate bias of individual freedom through fashion.